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Lichfield + Sheffield + Oxford

Brookhill Hall,

Pinxton, Derbyshire

Undesignated Heritage Asset

Historic Landscape Appraisal, Archive Research 

OASIS: thejesso1-129393

An historic landscape appraisal of the farmland comprising Brookhill Farm, Pinxton, that spans the border between Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire has been prepared to support of a planning application for a change of use from agricultural activities to a golf course. 

Our understanding of the wider historic landscape is poor. A single findspot of post-medieval pottery has been located within the Site. 

Brookhill Hall dates from the early 17thcentury, and it has been concluded that the surrounding gardens and park were laid out following the inheritance of the estate by the Rev D’Ewes Coke in 1780. The style of the landscape is characteristic of designs by the 18th-century designer William Emes who worked on similar houses in the locality, although no direct evidence has yet been identified to confirm any association with Brookhill Hall.

Within the former parkland the remains of a lime avenue survive and a carriage drive. There are also extant earthworks providing evidence for largescale modification of the former agricultural landscape associated with the formation of dams for ponds and lakes, along with curved weirs for general water management.

Scope of work: archive research, appraisal of historic landscape