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Harleyford Manor,

Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire

Grade I Listed Building (NHLE: 1311225), Grade II Listed Buildings (NHLE: 1125635; 1311171; 1311168; 1311203; 1125636; 1000543; Grade II Registered Garden (NHLE: 1000543); Conservation Area

Heritage Assessment for Landscape Restoration

OASIS: thejesso1-246552

The Grade I Harleyford Manor dates to 1755 and was designed by Robert Taylor. It has formed a highly significant structure on the north bank of the River Thames since the 18th century, being set within a designed landscape.

The existing house replaced an earlier building c.1536 in date and was built for Tucher Bold. By the 17th century a formal garden had been laid out with geometric blocks of planting separated by paths linked by three avenues facing a large grass

Following the construction of the existing building a new landscape setting was created. This is generally attributed to be the work of Lancelot Brown, however research undertaken as part of this project suggests that it may have been one of his former employees Nathaniel Richmond who was commissioned to undertake the work.

The landscape to the west of the house is relatively intact, still retaining a gentle profiled lawn with planting on the hillside to the north and remnants of a dense shrubbery close to the waters edge.  Surrounding the house are a series of raised earth platforms forming a projecting terrace dating to the Victorian period. The eastern side of the house has undergone the most change since the 18th century. It was adapted with the Victorian terraces to form a level lawn. The terrace was dug into in the Late 20th century to former a new subterranean office space.

Scope of work: archive research, landscape survey, consultancy and advice