The JESSOP Consultancy

Lichfield + Sheffield + Oxford


What we Provide

The JESSOP Consultancy aims to offer professional and reliable advice to clients about historic structures and historic gardens. Our approach seeks to understand the unique significance of the historic fabric of a building or individual components of a designed landscape, and thus enable informed decisions regarding their future to be made.

Each project is unique and we take time at the start of each phase of work to ensure that a tailor made approach is devised and developed. We regularly work with specialist consultants to form project teams with the appropriate range of skills and experience for each individual project.

Given the importance of the historic environment, including historic buildings, landscapes, gardens and archaeological sites within the planning process those engaged in development are likely to encounter issues arising from the presence of heritage assets within some of their proposed schemes.  The Jessop Consultancy’s broad ranging expertise in all aspects of the historic environment enables us to provide our clients with strategies and services which assist them at both the planning application and post-consent stages of the planning process.

Quality Assurance

We promote the standards of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists and work in accordance with guidance issued by Historic England and other professional bodies. The JESSOP Consultancy is a Registered Archaeological organisation, which is a recognised benchmark of professional competence and ability.

As a company we hold Professional Indemnity, Employeers and Public Liability Insurance.