The JESSOP Consultancy

Lichfield + Sheffield + Oxford

Heritage & Industrial Landscapes

Our surrounding environment is created from previous and current use, which at times have involved considerable change, or gradual development. The JESSOP Consultancy is experienced at understanding how heritage landscapes have been altered and can provide a range of services to enable them to be investigated and managed for the future.

One of the most dramatic impacts upon the landscape is industrial development and exploitation. This can be as a result of activities such as mineral extraction, new infrastructure, urban expansion, tourism, or even the intensification of agricultural processes. Understanding our industrial heritage requires a knowledge of technological processes, building forms, and past human activities.

Changing patterns in agriculture, and the development of large houses and castles from the medieval period, have combined to create the field patterns, upland landscapes and designed gardens and parks that can be found throughout the country.

Our experience of archaeology, historic gardens and industrial development ensures that we can provide a comprehensive analysis of heritage sites and their setting, to allow an assessment to be made of their historic significance and heritage value.

We have a broad network of experts who can offer additional specialist guidance and interpretation, and undertake archaeological excavation, analytical earthwork survey, remote sensing, analysis, reporting and publication.