The JESSOP Consultancy

Lichfield + Sheffield + Oxford

Historic Gardens


The remains of historic gardens and designed landscapes can be difficult to identify and understand. They comprise hard landscape features, such as built structures or earthworks, and soft features including living plants, trees and shrubs.

Working with a specialist team of associates, we are able to research, survey, interpret and assess the significance of all types of designed landscape, including gardens, parks, and cemeteries.

We regularly work with Lidar data, producing bare-earth models of historic landscapes, followed by 'ground-truthing' and the interpretation of potential archaeological featrues that are identified. 




  • Garden Appraisals (comprising rapid site survey and documentary research);
  • Garden and Parkland Surveys (including gazetteers of historic features and elements);
  • Archaeological recording and analysis of garden structures, both extant and buried;
  • Research for the reinstatement of architectural details;
  • Consultancy to prepare and co-ordinate the production of both Conservation Plans, and Management Plans.