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Boiler House Wall Winding: Engine House,

Middleton Top, Derbyshire

Scheduled Monument (NHLE: 1007038)

Historic Building Recording for Conservation Repairs

OASIS: thejesso1-263 195

A detailed survey of the extant historic fabric of the boiler house at Middleton Top Winding Engine House was undertaken to inform a programme of conservation repairs, that may involve the dismantling and rebuilding of the whole of the gable wall. The building forms part of the former Cromford and High Peak Railway, a former mineral transport route across the Peak District, now used a long distance trail and cycle route.

The survey has identified six phases of alteration within the building fabric, all represented within the north wall of the boiler house. This elevation can be subdivided into two parts, being divided by a large horizontal lintel that created a self-supporting opening above the boilers, which would have enabled the brickwork below to be removed for periodic inspections.

Scope of work: archive research, measured survey, photogrammetry, b/w photography, mortar analysis