The JESSOP Consultancy (TJC Heritage Ltd)

Lichfield + Sheffield + Oxford

Quenby Hall,

Hungarton, Leicestershire

Grade I Listed Building (NHLE: 1295060)

Historic Fabric Survey for Conservation Repairs

OASIS: thejesso1-276 708

A targeted programme of archaeological building analysis was undertaken at Quenby Hall as supporting information for a Listed building application to undertake a series of internal alterations.

The Hall was built in the years preceding the inheritance of the estate by George Ashby (the Younger) in 1618. The details of the construction are poorly documented in the historical record. The clock on the front porch is dated 1620, and rainwater heads 1621, although it is widely accepted that that building was not completed until 1636 (Nichols 1795). Following Ashby’s death in 1728, the estate was eventually bought by his nephew Shukburgh Ashby in 1759, who is credited as having radically repaired and enhanced the internal layout of the building.

A second phase of repair, re-ordering and adaptation of the existing building was undertaken in the first quarter of the 20thC by the architects G. Bodley and then by J.A. Gotch. Additional changes were made in the 1970s, largely associated with the modernisation of the earlier services and structural repairs to the building.

Scope of work: archive research, measured survey, architectural photography